In vitro efficacy of botanical leaf extracts on Fusarium oxysporum causing cashew wilt disease in Tanzania
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Publication Year : 2021

Author(s) : W. V. Mbasa

Management of Fusarium oxysporum causing cashew wilt disease is a current focus in cashew industry, in Tanzania. Limitations of practiced cultural and chemical management, triggered evaluation of Azadirachta indica and Lantana camara against F. oxysporum in this study. Fresh leaf crudes of botanicals were extracted, impregnated on PDA at three doses (0, 0.4 and 0.6ml/20ml of Medium) and then incubated for five days. The tested botanical extracts significantly inhibited growth of F. oxysporum after five days of incubation (p≤ 0.05). Application of A. indica (0.6 ml) and L. camara (0.4ml) inhibited growth of F. oxysporum by 43.2% and 35.8% compared to control (0%). Significant correlation, revealed increased performance of botanical extract with increase of its doses (p<0.001). The findings provide the promising efficacy of A. indica and L. camara on management of F. oxysporum on cashew. Further studies on in-vivo and field efficacy of botanicals are required