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Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) Mlingano is the centre of excellence with mandate to conduct and coordinate researches on agricultural natural resources (eg. soils, water, climate and relief), and sisal. TARI Mlingano formerly known as Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) Mlingano was established in the year 1934 by Sisal Association of Tanzania (SAT), to offer research services primarily for Sisal Estates, where in the year 1972 the centre became institution within Ministry of Agriculture.

Recent changes and advancement in the Agricultural Sector within Tanzania and the Coastal Zone into which TARI Mlingano is located have brought fresh challenges to TARI Mlingano forcing the institution to transform from its core Research areas of soil and sisal to include research and services in areas like Geographical Information System (GIS), tissue culture and fertilizer recommendations.

TARI-Mlingano has received substantial technical and financial assistance from FAO (1972-1984), the Netherlands government (1985-1995 and 2000-2002) to build capacity in terms of human and physical resources. In the year, 2000 the centre financial and technical support from CFC/UNIDO where Meristematic Tissue Culture Laboratory MTC laboratory was established.


In 2013, the centre became an active member of Global Soil Partnership (GSP) and is also an active member of Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN). TARI Mlingano engaged partnerships with several other international institutions including Leads University, APNI (African Plant Nutrition Institute) and EPPI-CATAS china (The Environment and Plant Protection Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Science). The last decade saw TARI Mlingano gaining a regional outlook by leading five regional land and water related projects.


TARI Mlingano is located 15 km from East of Muheza Town and 22 km West of Tanga City on the Dar es Salaam - Tanga highway.