The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

TARI Maruku

TARI Maruku is mandated to conduct banana research program in the country. The research activities are supported by different banana projects namely Accelerated Breeding for Better Banana (ABBB), Harvest Plus and banana agronomy project. Different banana technologies through projects are displayed on farm and station. Those technologies are the potential banana varieties such as FHIA, Narita and local varieties, and the agronomic practices such as opening trenches, basin and use of mulches, manure and application of fertilizers. Moreover, there is activity of multiplying planting materials using field multiplication plots and the macro propagator in order to ensure the availability of planting materials to famers.

Furthermore, the TARI-Maruku team has been engaged in writing different project proposals, concept notes and letter of Intents which were submitted to different donors for funding. During the reporting period different project proposals, concept notes and letter of Intents have been prepared and submitted to different donors. To date, out of five submitted project proposals three have been accepted for funding. TARI Maruku under banana research program focuses on obtaining potential varieties with high yielding and tolerance to environmental threats and diseases in order to increase banana production and productivity. The efforts will be measured through the improvement of small holder farmers indicated by the increase of food and nutrition security together with household generation income.

 Activities under mandate;

  • Evaluation of different banana cultivars for high productivity and nutrition
  • Establishment, management and maintenance of banana germplasm
  • Development and evaluation of various technologies for improved banana production
  • Production of planting materials through thinning, macro-propagation and tissue culture
  • Conducting consultations and trainings on best banana husbandry