The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

TARI Makutupora

The Centre has officially released two (2) wine grape varieties namely:-

I.                        Makutupora red

II.                        Chenin Blanc


  Makutupora Red

Chenin Blanc   

They are twenty four (24) germplasm for wine, table and raisins at the genebank at the Centre retained for research purposes.  Some of the wine grape germplasm include Syrah, Colombard  blanc and Tintacao. Table grapes include Regina, Makutupora white, Black rose, Alphonce lavallee and Tajit Roservij and raisin grapes are Beauty seedless, Ruby seedless, Kismis creven and Halili Berry. 

Germplasm differs from one type to another in terms phenotypic and genotypic nature

Characteristics of wine grapes

Ø  Have medium -sized berries

Ø  require normal irrigation in the field compared to table and raisins varieties

Ø  Have sufficient juice for wine making


Characteristics of table grapes

Ø  Have large berries and firmer pulp

Ø  Have loose bunches and thicker skin, which make it easy to eat

Ø  Requires intensive irrigation in the field

Ø  Have moderate juice

Raisins grapes

A raisins means fresh fruit reaches the expected sugar content and maturity and dried for future consumption.

Ø   Have small, seedless and early ripening berries that remain soft and not sticky


NOTE: Efforts are on progress to ensure that other grape varieties are released. To attain that, the Centre has established National Performance Trials (NPTs) so as to have enough data on place to attain   criteria for releasing other grape varieties.