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Good Agronomic Practices

Researched good agronomic practices (GAPs) on grape crops at the centre are aiming to expand the level of understanding to grape farmers. Different grape crops production recommendations were developed and disseminated to grape farmers so as to improve their production rate after using them.


Researched information on GAP for grape farming are as follows:-

·   Site selection

 Climatic conditions

 Soil characteristics

Field Establishment activities including trenching/hole making

·   Nursery Establishments

Suitable Site for Nursery

Nursery Preparatory Activities

Types Of Grape Nurseries

Nurseries Establishment

Preparing Cuttings for Nursery

Quality of Cuttings for Nursery

Methods of Preparing Grape Cuttings

Nurseries management

·  Planting systems:  use of holes  and trenches

Preparatory activities for seedlings transplanting

Transplanting and planting grape seedlings to the main field

Common grape field managements

Poles /supporters establishments (terelis wires and poles)

Importance of putting poles and wires to grape field

·  Grape training systems

Geneva Double curtain

Reverse Cordon

Knifing double flow

 Knifing single flow

·  Crop protection

Fungal, viral, bacterial diseases, mites and insects (with its control measures)

Weeds (Control measures)

·  Grapevines pruning and pruning regimes

Importance of pruning

Methods of pruning

Precaution during pruning

NOTE: More explanations in each item are found in the grape training manual attached under publication section