The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

TARI Makutupora

The centre has three products namely:-

I.           Wine 

II.          Raisins 

III.       Table grapes


Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced through the partial or total fermentation of grape. Wines are made through various stages such as harvesting, crushing, pressing, fermentation, clarification, aging and bottling. Wine can be made in the home and in small-medium-or large-sized wineries by using similar methods. Because of the effect upon grape composition, proper timing of the harvest is great important. Grapes that are used for wine making must have right amount of sugar content in them at harvesting time to make sure your wine is perfect. Premature harvesting results in thin, low-alcohol wines while late harvesting results in high-alcohol, low-acid wines. 

Types of wine

 Red Wine

White Wine

Health benefits of  wine

Grape wine contains a natural antioxidant (from skin of grape)  which have many health benefits when wine is taken in moderately. Those health benefits are as follows:- 

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Protect secondary brain damage after stroke
  • Prevent vision loss
  • Reduce risk of getting cancer
  • lower level of depression


Raisin is dried grape of certain varieties with a high content of sugar and solid flesh. It can dried either on tray in the shade, direct to sun or under solar driers. Raisins  can be eaten out of hand, as well as used in variety of baked and cooked food. Despite their small size, raisins are packed with energy and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Raisins are highly nutritious food because of their sugar,  high amount of minerals including calcium, iron, potassium and sodium, and vitamins (B and A) contents and  it has low fat content. 

Health benefits of Raisins

  • raisins can aid digestion
  • boost iron levels and keep your bones strong.

NOTE: Natural  Red wine and  White wine processed at the Centre are for research purposes and not for commercial bases. After research done wine and raisins which are processed are sold with minimum costs so as to cover some costs being used during research.