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TARI Kibaha

Laboratory Services

The Laboratory Services at TARI Kibaha accurately tests the samples collected or submitted to assure the quality of agricultural products, to protect the environment, to diagnose diseases and to produce disease-free plantlets. We also assure the correctness of all weights and measures.

Our Goal:

The production of high-quality analytical data through the use of methods and measurements that are accurate, reliable and adequate for the intended use.


Tissue culture laboratory

Andrew Kachiwile
Phone: (+255)655-844148

A tissue culture laboratory is a building where little plants are grown in a climate chamber or growth chamber for research, breeding or multiplication. It consists of media rooms, cutting rooms and growth chambers. Currently at TARI Kibaha we have a good facility and started propagation of sugarcane and cassava crops. That are multiplied and grown to a certain size before transferring it to the greenhouse. We have the capacity to multiply other crops.

Advantage of tissue culture

Commercial purpose

Mass production of various plant cultivar for a short period of time

Production of pathogen free plantlets

Continuous year-round production (unaffected by climate)

Research (Breeding) purpose

Germplasm conservation (in-situ)

Genetic variability