Sugarcane Improvement

Sugarcane Improvement

Crop Improvement section

This section conducts research and implements strategies for the continual release of high yielding, adaptable, pest and disease resistant varieties that add value and enhance industry productivity. Supporting the section are four sugarcane estates strategically sited throughout the country, which are operated by highly skilled technical and farm support staff.

Mandate: The section has a set mandate to develop superior sugarcane varieties and breeding and genetic stocks, prescription of biotechnological techniques and documentation and evaluation sugarcane germplasm.


Variety selection criteria

•      High cane and sugar yield

•      Good ratooning ability

•      Resistant to diseases -  especially smut

•      Resistance to insect pest (Eldana, white scale and now Yellow Sugarcane aphids)

•      Acceptability by cane growers and millers

•      Sucrose suitability



Current projects      



Title of the project

PI & Associates



Evaluation of elite varieties from selected sugarcane producing countries

G. Mwasinga, A. Kachiwile, N. Mwakyusa, C. Gwandu, & R. Mlimi

Long term


Varieties Development and Evaluation

N. Mwakyusa, A. Kachiwile, C. Gwandu, G. Mwasinga& R. Mlimi

Long term


Sugarcane Seedcane Mass Production Using Rapid Seedcane Multiplication Methods

A. Kachiwile, C. Gwandu, N. Mwakyusa, G. Mwasinga, & R. Mlimi

2 Years


Germplasm Conservation and Diversity for Sustainable Sugarcane Sector Development in Tanzania

C. Gwandu, A. Kachiwile, N. Mwakyusa, G. Mwasinga, & R. Mlimi

3 years


Facilities: The section is equipped with aBiotechnology laboratory (Tissue culture), Crossing shadefacility, twoscreen houses and two Poly houses.