The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

TARI Kibaha

TARI Kibaha has a national mandate to oversee sugarcane research and development activities. Over the past years TARI Kibaha has released 7 sugarcane varieties, developed good agronomic packages, and disease and pest management to increase productivity

It is responsible to conduct all sugarcane research in Tanzania through

(a)      Developing appropriate technologies, innovation and good management practices such improved sugarcane varieties such as Maintenance of closed and open quarantine, Preliminary variety trials and Smut screening nurseries and advanced variety trials and National Performance Trials. Establishment of improved crop husbandry practices: timely land preparation, planting, weeding, fertilizer application, disease and pest management and Soil survey on sugarcane related projects.

(b)     Enhance development and dissemination of technologies innovations and management practices to address sugar cane farmers needs and other stakeholders through 

  1. Coordinating and implementing agricultural shows exhibitions, conferences, seminars, symposium and study tours
  2.       Strengthening research collaboration and networking with other institutions
  3.       Promoting sharing and exchange of skills and knowledge on agricultural technological information
  4.       Establishing and or strengthening partnership and resources mobilization among actors along the value chain