The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

Below are lists of staff

Dr. Atugonza L.Bilaro
Rice & Maize Breeder. Center Manger.
Dr.Theodore T.Kessy
Rice Breeder. Coordinator of Research & Innovation
Dr Emmanuel M.Mgonja
Plant Pathologist. Rice reading Scientist
Dr Mganga Joshua Kitilu
Coordinator of Technology transfer and Partnership
Claudia Tesha
Rice Breeder
Pius Lwiso Kilasy
Agriculture Economist
Gosbert T.Msogoya
Agricultural Research Officer
Ally Mwichande Russinga
Agricultural Research Officer
Daudi Jonathan Muton
Procurement and Supply Officer
Sambo Masue
Said Wamussa
Agricultural Field Officer
Panglouis H.Mfilinge
Agricultural Research Officer
Ditrick K.Mwingira
Principal Agricultural Field Officer
Furahisha Kulwa Miraji
Agricultural Research Officer