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Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute TARI-Ifakara was founded in September 1963 under the provision of an agreement between  two governments  of Tanganyika and the Federal Republic of Germany. TARI-Ifakara (KATRIN) is located in Kilombero valley and lies at 80 04’ South and 36045’ East with an altitude of 270m above sea level. It is about 14 km from Ifakara town and 230 km South-West of Morogoro Municipality. The climate is sub-humid tropical grassland and experiences a bimodal rainfall with an average of 1400 mm per annum. The long rains starts in March to May whereas the short rains December to February. Annual temperature range is 28-330C. The area is generally gently slopping with an alluvial sand loam soils on the flat areas and the upper zone is dominated by pale sand of granitic gneiss origin.