The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

TARI Dakawa

TARI Dakawa provides consultant services to both public and private institutions such as Local Government Authorities (LGAs), government parastatals, private companies, NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, Farmer Organizations, and individuals dealing with rice at all levels of its value chain. Provided consultancy services cover:

  • Research,
  • Training, and
  • Advisory

from rice seed and grain production (including proper use of fertilizers and pesticides), post-harvest technologies, aspects of socio-economics around rice, etc. Moreover, the centre has well-trained and long-serving experienced researchers who have been undertaking consultancies around the rice crop.

We would like to welcome you who are interested in the development of the rice sector in Tanzania. We are ready for hire.

For more info contact:

The centre manager

TARI Dakawa

P.O.Box 1892, Morogoro