The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute

TARI Dakawa

Over the past three cropping seasons, from 2017/2018 to 2019/2020, the centre has managed to produce rice seeds of diverse varieties at all classes. These include:

  • TXD306 (SARO 5)
  • Komboka
  • TAI
  • SATO1 and SATO9
  • TARI RIC1 (SUPA BC) and TARI RIC2 (ZX117)

These quality rice seeds are available at the centre for sale to needy customers at modest prices, e.g. 1 Kg of Certified Seed is sold at TZS. 2,500, Pre-basic seed sold at TZS 5,000 per kg and Basic seed at TZS 4,000.

For more information about ecologies where the seeds suit, their potential productivities, and other genotypic and phenotypic attributes look at improved rice varieties under technologies.

The centre is also producing clean banana seedlings for sale using tissue culture technology.